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First Nonprofit Group

Our Business Affiliates partner with UNA out of a commitment to serving and assisting nonprofits. While this dedication is commendable, we recommend that you complete your own review to ensure that the goals of these—or any—businesses align with your values. Your due diligence helps ensure informed decision-making and fosters productive partnerships.

First Nonprofit Group


Insurance and Risk Management

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Unemployment Insurance Programs Exclusively for Nonprofits

Over 25 years ago, First Nonprofit set out on its mission to fix a major problem impacting nonprofits: Nonprofit employers were forced to choose between paying the overpriced State Unemployment Insurance (SUI) tax for this mandatory insurance cost or exposing their organization to unforeseen risk by self-insuring their unemployment claims. To address this, First Nonprofit designed programs that allow 501(c)(3) nonprofits and governmental entities to take advantage of the savings that comes with reimbursement financing while minimizing risk.

Key program successes include:

  • FNP has helped nonprofits in Utah save more than $1.2 million since 2003 in SUI taxes
  • FNP programs have over a 90% customer retention rate
  • Our claims administration partner helped remove $660,000+ in claim liability from our customers in Utah in 2020-2021 alone

Call Cecilia Piazza at (312) 728-9962 for information and assistance. New UNA Member clients receive a 25% discount on the enrollment fee!

FNP Program Benefits:

  • Fixed annual unemployment cost and budgetary certainty
  • Insurance protection (first and last dollar or stop loss)
  • Professional unemployment claims management, fraud detection and cost audits
  • FNPACCESS: Live HR advice, group purchasing and discounted background services

Utah Unemployment Fact Sheet

FNP Information Sheet for Download

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